Friday, August 1, 2008

Celia Thaxter's Garden

Series of three paintings for our bedroom wall...

This is how I spent my day.....on the back porch painting my heart out!

Mr. Pear was wanting something to hang on the newly painted wall in our bedroom...I thought it must be something I would love to "wake-up to", so remembering articles about Celia Thaxter's "Island Garden", I found photographs and was inspired!

First, getting 3 canvases started, 2 "portrait" orientation and one "landscape" for the sailboat in the sea. It is important to get the backgrounds in and the canvas "covered" with paint....details come later...

[Sorry if this makes you dizzy...photographed on a glass table top, it seem to "float" at an odd angle! Then a ladder improvises as an easel!]

The center panel of the sailboat and fence (from a photo in La Vie Claire...Claire Murray's periodical) requires the most detail. The flower panel on the left is focused on the flowers themselves, seen more or less at ground level.

This next panel is of holly hock and poppies. From a photo on Monet Giverney calendar.

I have more details to complete these paintings before they are hung together on our yellow wall, but that will be another day's "work"!
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