Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The magic of quilting....or "Hen Party"...almost finished!

BTW! For some reason, every painting in the post is cropped on one side....grrrrr! BUT if you click on the painting, you will soon see it full size!

I quickly painted this group of ladies around a quilting frame...


Worked on it and still it troubled me....lots of ways....but color dominance was an issue! Too many divas, I love color and get carried away with it ....and I tend to paint without a thought out plan for each piece...just jumping in and seeing what I create....this has collaged papers to represent quilting fabrics...

Okay, so the pink, busy background had to go...I decided that blue would be my dominate color...

That's better....and now it is close to being finished.....

I think I need to make more smiles! Quilting is fun! A real hen party....sorry guys.

Finally finished!





Meanwhile, I am hard at work on a new painting/collage of hens!

I like this I prepared a canvas with green and blue textures, some from dry brush and some from monoprint with a gelli plate. Then I placed the chickens in the sandy farmyard....just paint, so far.

Then I looked for papers and fabrics for collage....

The upright hen was given a dramatic eye from a design in some art papers....the "sun" is rice paper spirals,the sandy ground and some of the feathers are more fun rice papers....the I found a fabric from Kaffe Fassett which works in well for the other comb and eye and some in the plumage......still have to finish the palette knife work on both hens....but they are coming along!

Back the the final paintings soon!

This is finished too! Signed by the artist! Lila R.


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