Sunday, November 16, 2008

Painting for a fund raiser

"Reflections" a 5"X 5" acrylic on canvas. We have a lake nearby with beautiful trees on the shore.
This was donated to the Art Center of the Ozarks for their 5X5 silent auction recently.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Take joy....

Painting plums on the porch!

A sunny warm afternoon...I love autumn and "need" to paint before October is gone!!!! Working on a composition using red violet and yellow. Delightful!

Scanned image of the finished painting. This painting has been donated to a silent auction to raise money for Art Center of the Ozarks.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

After the storm...

I gathered some flowers which were left after last night's storm....

they are in a McCoy vase.

Now my eye can be more critical...since I am seeing this on the computer screen. The eye level I painted at focuses right on the stems, and the large hosta leaf points off the this is just another of the hundreds we must do to learn our art! I'm happy that I didn't put the vase "dead center"....the yellow Stella Dora lily is almost the center....and may be the focal point. I used the violet to make the yellow "sing". So I make some changes...soften the large hosta, add another curling down on the other side and finally remake the maple leaf(lower right) into a hosta!

If you would like to purchase this painting for 35.00, using Paypal. Please click on the button !

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

Celia Thaxter's Garden

Series of three paintings for our bedroom wall...

This is how I spent my day.....on the back porch painting my heart out!

Mr. Pear was wanting something to hang on the newly painted wall in our bedroom...I thought it must be something I would love to "wake-up to", so remembering articles about Celia Thaxter's "Island Garden", I found photographs and was inspired!

First, getting 3 canvases started, 2 "portrait" orientation and one "landscape" for the sailboat in the sea. It is important to get the backgrounds in and the canvas "covered" with paint....details come later...

[Sorry if this makes you dizzy...photographed on a glass table top, it seem to "float" at an odd angle! Then a ladder improvises as an easel!]

The center panel of the sailboat and fence (from a photo in La Vie Claire...Claire Murray's periodical) requires the most detail. The flower panel on the left is focused on the flowers themselves, seen more or less at ground level.

This next panel is of holly hock and poppies. From a photo on Monet Giverney calendar.

I have more details to complete these paintings before they are hung together on our yellow wall, but that will be another day's "work"!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Artist's Studio today and self-portrait 3

Using the back porch for a painting studio today!

I'm doing another self-portrait sketch....using a digital color photo which was altered in Adobe Photoshop to have "poster" lines....

My sketch in the new Sharpie fine line pen and pencil....I think, seeing them here on the screen, that I could have made some things a little larger to keep proportions more in line with reality (What fun is reality anyway?)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Recent watercolors

These are 2 recent watercolors! (I do love to paint!!!)

This one with Chinese lanterns and bittersweet is a special painting for Julie Marie of "Celtic Lady" blogfame! She had written about these wonderful fall color plants and I was able to secure this creative commission from her!
This is a quick study of a vase of lilac from last spring...however, I only just today put the finishing touches (and splashes!) on it!
This one is for sale on ETSY! (SOLD!)
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