Monday, November 16, 2015

Magic moment for Sophie-how I paint....

Amazed by a bubble machine, Sophie gazes in silence.....her brows knitted, puzzled!

I am trying to make a special painting for her dad!

Simplify the background garden and make her face and the bubbles close

I succumb to the temptation of glitter....left here by my SIL, Melody!

It gives me a shimmer on the orbs...not totally like a shiny bubble, but still fun! ( my friend Gayle says she read that "glitter is the Ebola if the art world!) LOL!


Time to work on her face for awhile! The weather was so dry yesterday, that the paint was almost dry as soon as it hit the canvas! Sort of a challenge!

I had to use several steps to get this close up of her face printed out...

Now I am struggling working on getting her to emerge!

I can see that she is looking older than she is, and that I may not want to make her frown as deep as in the photo...or is that the real charm here???


By looking at these side-by-side on the computer screen, I am able to find what is needed...usually!

Several short painting sessions later, I am getting there!

Above, her face needs to be fuller and childlike.....

Better,.... now to fix the color and shadows on her and finalize the!

Below is the final painting. I am not going for realism so much as the charm and joy of the moment!

Brush stokes of unexpected color ad movement and energy!













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