Sunday, October 14, 2012

Richard Stephen's watercolor workshop --3 days to play!


My sister gave me a fabulous birthday present! Three days at a watercolor workshop with artist Richard Stephens .  We played and learned!
Above is the last exercise....we painted the same subject (of our choice) twice.  Once for a full hour, and then again for just 30 minutes.  The painting on the left was the first painting, and the one on the right was the second. I like them both and both will soon be for sale.

Richard works with lots of pigment and often very wet paper.  He is not timid or tenative.  He says that the fewer strokes and the fewer times you touch the paper , the better!  AND he uses his biggest brushes as long as possible!  His demonstrations are great! are my exercises from the 3 days......

Buy this one now with Pay Pal......just $75.00!

Back later with prices for those I decide to sell!

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