Monday, April 25, 2016

Double portrait practice

Trying a big painting..2'x4'

Background is multi media collage and fun!

Very rough sketch of plan

Blocking them in...then adding features, LOTS of fine tuning ahead!

Layering a tissue tracing of a drawing I did from a live model onto the background of my girls!


Stained background with bronze gold glaze...

New photos of Lilia for reference...

Plenty of work ahead!

Oh my, hours later...I can see progress! BUT the jaw lines are skewed! Fixing that tomorrow, AND staining background behind Laura so that her hair doesn't blend into the background!


Getting closer...I had conflicting light sources, but changed that below....but still not liking how their mouths and chins line up...or don't line up. Comes from not having accurate pose to work struggling! Laura's head was originally I really should have her left her a tad lower.....

Maybe soften the dark shadow beyond her jaw, and ....

For Lilia, Move the shadow under her nose...move her chin in line with her nose...and put tinting glazes to make her skin more even and radiant!

Ok...24 hours later....better....I see now, that Lilia's nose needs to move over to line up with her mouth and chin...meanwhile black lace was added to Lilia's hair...and rice paper to Laura's!

Still working to make Lilia younger and more herself! Tracie gave me some tips...higher forehead and more cheekbone for Laura...lighter eyebrows, no teeth and fuller lip smile on Lilia!

This photo will help! This one too!


Getting better...

Am going to publish this now, then come back with final photo after I nail it!

Have worked on it lots more...still not satisfied...but fun!



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